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Capital, we all need it. Whether your business is in a high growth, transition, or distressed stage, we are able to source new or replacement financing for your business. We assist in sourcing debt refinancing whether it is due to enforcement of demands, a strategic consolidation or restructuring of the debt, or new capital for growth. Choosing Hawco Peters means you will have access to our vast network of over 150 lenders, a solid debt refinancing team comprised of financial, accounting, and legal experts with extensive experience in credit risk, banking, insolvency and forensics to help you find solutions to protect, grow, and create a strategic plan to move your business forward. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, we are here for all business owners North America-wide.

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Need Debt Refinancing or Fresh Capital?

Businesses can go through stages, both high growth and financial distress. Sometimes at the same time! Business needs can increase faster than a bank’s comfort level.  Perhaps your current lender has issued demands on the current loan, or input more stringent requirements limiting access to your operating line and other capital. Covid has negatively impacted many businesses putting additional strain on business owners, which may have long term effects. All operating lines with banks are demand loans, meaning they can be called at any time. Conversely, term and equipment loans will have covenant requirements. Managing the loans can become complicated and a lending relationship can become strained. Often a solution is a restructuring of the debt, a debt refinance. The team at Hawco Peters works with business owners to find the optimal solution to your business and capital needs, be it a consolidation of debt, a refinancing of debt, or sourcing of fresh capital. In sourcing the debt and capital, we remain mindful of the business goals and their ability to achieve them. Our lending contacts are North America wide and across all industries; we work with our clients and their lenders to not only find an immediate solution to the current financial crisis, but get the company back on track for success.  At Hawco Peters, we take the time to listen and understand. No one knows your business better than you.


How We Help With Debt and Capital Solutions

The team at Hawco Peters listens first. In order to best fix the problem, we want to know about your business and work with you to find the best debt and capital solution; be it

  • Debt refinancing
  • Debt consolidation
  • Equity partnerships
  • Deleveraging
  • Factoring
  • A combination of the aforementioned 

We rapidly assess your current financial position including the debt and determine your needs, based on your desired outcomes. If the bank has made, or is preparing to make, demands on the loans, we can communicate with the current lender to ensure that the business is making efforts to comply with all requests. We can de-escalate the conflict quickly.

Working as your partner, together, we then ensure that the financial information is presented in a manner that will give existing or potential lenders comfort in lending. You will also have access to our 150+ lending partner contacts for the debt refinancing or consolidation, and we will also present viable options to the lenders on how they might structure the debt using different options and supporting lenders or insurance vehicles. While potential lenders review the lending opportunity, Hawco Peters is available to respond to any questions or concerns and negotiate potential terms on how an offer may be drafted to ensure it best meets your needs. Once we receive offers from the lenders, we present them to you and discuss the pros and cons based on your capital needs and business goals. The business can then choose their new lender, and Hawco Peters continues to assist as required until the new debt and funding is received by the business.  Our end goal is always to see the business, not just survive this current obstacle, but thrive.

Let's Have a Conversation

Demand Loans, Enforcement, Debt Refinancing, Fresh Capital Needed? Hawco Peters Is Here to Help

We have the abilities and commitment to help smooth a strained lending relationship as well as create a new one with a fresh start. With our extensive experience in both lending and restructuring, our team at Hawco Peters has the expertise, deep insight, and experience to work with a business through their challenging times.  Not only are we able to assist in debt restructuring, refinancing and sourcing of capital, we can work with a business to set them up for success moving forward with a solid strategy in place for stability and growth. We take away your financial stress by doing what we do best, so you can focus on what you do best. Invested in you, invested in your success that's the Hawco Peters promise.

5 Steps To Business Refinancing

Analyze &<br/>Assess
Analyze &
Review &<br/>Engage
Review &
Communicate &<br/>Execute
Communicate &
Advise &<br/>Support
Advise &

 A free in person consultation, or at place of business, a phone call or video call to discuss high level situations, current debt levels, key financial metrics, and what in the clients opinion their current challenge is.   

If Hawco Peters feels there is a strong chance of our being to assist with the challenge identified, we will provide an engagement letter that outlines the nature of our tasks, what information we require, and details the upfront fees or in the case of raising capital specific success fees applicable on the closing of funding accepted by the client.  

Engagement is reviewed and any questions addressed or clarified and the scope of engagement is confirmed and agreed to.  At this point, the document would be signed and the applicable engagement fee paid and then the process commences with the requested information provided by the client to Hawco Peters.

At this stage, if mutually agreed, and while waiting for the documentation, HP may engage with the existing client lender and advise of our involvement and what our thoughts are on potential timelines in an effort to keep communication lines open and prevent sudden action from being taken that would be detrimental to the client.  When all the documentation requested in engagement is provided, HP will put together a lender package and send the same to multiple lenders who are known to be currently financing the type of client situation.  HP has over 150 lenders, private equity firms and High Net Worth investors in our contact list to ensure a solid exposure of the deal.    

HP always endeavours to obtain multiple offers in effort to garner the best deal for our clients.  We will assist in the due diligence requests from potential lenders with a goal of obtaining multiple offers of finance for our client.  We will review these term sheets with clients and provide advice on structure and terms.   Ultimately we hope that our client picks one of these deals and successfully transitions their lending relationship to a new provider.  HP success fees are only paid on closing of a finance deal so we stay involved until the dust settles.

A better, Cost-Effective Way To Transition

If you are experiencing growth, transition or crisis in your business, or dealing with business or family disputes, it can feel overwhelming. Don’t shoulder the burden alone. With decades of legal and financial expertise, Hawco Peters provides strategic business intervention and dispute resolution services that are faster, less expensive and less stressful than going to court. 

We are here for you! Get in touch with us below or call us at (403) 829-1933 and let us help your business!

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