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Why Hawco Peters

Why Hawco Peters


With decades of experience in law, finance, and business, Hawco Peters’ highly qualified team of professionals assists both businesses and creditors to achieve beneficial outcomes. 

Whether you are considering restructuring, refinancing, selling your business, or involved in a dispute, our solutions are practical and efficient. They are designed to keep you out of court and to greatly reduce the time and cost related to litigious solutions by taking a collaborative and transparent approach to resolution. 

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Decades of experience in legal and financial services

Hawco Peters is based out of Calgary but our reach spans across Canada with an emphasis on the west. Our small-town roots shape our understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing family businesses, blue collar enterprises and entrepreneurships.

Co-founders Sarah Hawco and Kent Peters have assembled a team of highly experienced professionals with strong legal and financial backgrounds. We combine decades of legal and financial expertise to provide financial business advice, forensic accounting, and dispute resolution services that are faster, less expensive and less stressful than going to court.

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We only succeed when you do

We want to help companies survive the crisis intact. Strategize ways to grow. Maximize their selling price. Resolve disputes without going to court.

Drawing on deep experience and  practical solutions Hawco Peters helps clients prosper - not just the professionals charging them. Our pricing model reflects this customer-driven approach; we don’t win unless you do. We focus on meeting you where you are, and with a profound respect and understanding of your expertise and experience. 

Then we provide objective, actionable advice to help your business — whether in growth, transition or distress — take the right step forward.

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Customer driven, solution focused

Hawco Peters assists business owners experiencing growth, transition or financial crisis, and parties in dispute. We also work with creditors to find the optimal solution for not only you but for your stakeholders.

We work collaboratively to achieve the best outcomes for our clients

Hawco Peters’ mission is to help companies thrive. We pride ourselves on sourcing the best and most cost-effective long-term solutions for our clients. Our process is collaborative and our fees are fixed, with no trailing or unexpected costs. We are efficient, honest and transparent. 

Our extensive relationships with over 150 lenders, and our depth of banking, accounting and legal knowledge, result in the best outcomes for clients dealing with business growth, transition and crisis. 

As advisors, not brokers, our holistic approach always considers the big picture and long term goals of our clients.

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Hawco Peters assists business owners experiencing growth, transition or financial crisis

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our specialized team will prepare and assist owners who want to sell their business, require additional financing, or need to restructure. 

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Sourcing Capital

Helping you source the funding you need through debt or equity, whether you are expanding your business, or in need of replacement debt or additional funds to keep your business going.

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Business Recovery Services

Seeing your business through difficult times by facilitating the turnaround of your company’s restructuring, or helping develop and implement a closure or exit strategy.

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Litigation Support and Forensic Accounting

Investigating complex financial issues that arise in cases of fraud, theft, litigation, malfeasance, contract disputes, and other related matters, and providing expert reports and testimony. 

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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Facilitating mediation or arbitration to resolve personal and professional disputes in a more efficient, cost effective way by keeping it out of the court system. Hawco Peters has a 97% dispute resolution success rate with our clients.

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Financial Administration

With Hawco Peters you get the depth of experience of a financial administration professional without the costs associated with a full time employee. Our extensive experience in a broad range of finance-related functions provides you with the assurance that this critical role is undertaken accurately and with due diligence.

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A better, Cost-Effective Way To Transition

If you are experiencing growth, transition or crisis in your business, or dealing with business or family disputes, it can feel overwhelming. Don’t shoulder the burden alone. With decades of legal and financial expertise, Hawco Peters provides strategic business intervention and dispute resolution services that are faster, less expensive and less stressful than going to court. 

We are here for you! Get in touch with us below or call us at (403) 829-1933 and let us help your business!

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